Aimee 184/365

Since we didn’t get in from Vegas until 1 am, and were up for church before 8 am, we all pretty much passed out mid afternoon. Here are Lucia and my mom napping. Yes, she picked my mom over me to nap with. :-(

Jean 183/365

Fantasy football draft #2! I was ready this morning. When we finished drafting, I didn’t recognize the names of half the guys I ended up with… But the website gave me an "A" and projected that I’ll finish second, so apparently I did ok. That is, of course, the kiss of death–I’m clearly doomed given that prediction.

Jean 182/365

The traditional "I survived the first week of the semester" cookie/photo. Not the traditional cookie, but this one didn’t require my going out of my way. Or getting out of the car. It was quite a week… Glad it’s done.

Jean 181/365

Cheat, because it’s way better than anything I took today. This is my friend Kriste’s daughter (I think I posted a photo of her with me back in May). She’s been SO excited all summer about starting kindergarten this fall, and today was finally the day. I just LOVE the joy in this photo–she can’t even stand still she’s so excited! Super cute. And she had a great day, which makes it even better. :)

Jean 180/365

Meet our friend the Jerusalem Cricket. I looked down today as I was ready to leave for work and about jumped out of my skin when I saw this guy chilling on the kitchen floor. It was seriously the size of a small mouse–I’ve never seen anything like it. I did what any sane person would do… First, I trapped him under a tupperware container. Then I texted Clint to ask him what the hell it was. Then I sent photos to co-workers. Then I dug around and found some bug spray, and I lifted up the corner of the tupperware and sprayed the crap out of him. THEN I took a short video as he started to die. I sprayed him one more time just to be safe, and I left him under the container when I left for work. I was about 45 minutes late for work, but it was worth it to know he was really dead. Ugh.