ROBIN 242/365

Saw a giant mushroom on my way home from work so I took one of my Lego people out for a photoshoot. This sort of reminds me of the drawing on the cover of the book, The Little Prince.

ROBIN 240/365

Clearly this is a cheat photo. It’s one of the first photos I ever took of Joe (and his old blue truck) and it’s one of many favorites. This was taken in October 2007, way before this group/blog ever existed, on my first visit to the farm. Joe was my reason for joining PS and I would hate for his death to be the reason I dropped out. So with this post I am trying to reach out, reconnect and find a reason to go forward…one photo at a time.

Jean 240/365

I was feeling cranky today and Lauren finally managed to get me off the couch to do SOMETHING. I told her I had to get socks first, then sent her this picture to prove I was no longer moping. And that my feet were warm.

Jean 239/365

It was hard to pick a photo today–so many to choose from! We’ve lived here for 8 years and I’ve never gone to the big sheep parade, so I went with this photo. Main Street in our town is a designated livestock trail, so as part of the Livestock Festival, they run like 1000 sheep through downtown. It’s kind of bizarre, kind of fantastic, and kind of anticlimactic. But I’m totally glad I went.

Jean 238/365

Trying to get a photo to appropriately model how little space I was left with tonight when I went to bed. I’m all the way on the far edge. I had JUST enough blanket, and luckily Chaco let me spoon with him. Turned out to be cozy once I got settled.

Jean 237/365

FINALLY got to wear my new jacket today–the one that I bought back in August when Kate was here visiting. Had to take a photo to send to her to show her I was wearing it.