Aimee 144/365

My boss, Jean, and I texting this afternoon as she was working from a coffee shop and I was suffering from an energy crash. She didn’t really mean I could sleep the afternoon away in her office…

Jean 144/365

Apparently Aimee and I walk in and out of the same door each day… This is my version of the photo she posted yesterday (I took it shortly before seeing the one she posted). I stopped and thanked the gardener a couple of weeks ago for keeping this flowerbed looking so amazing. It’s a nice welcome as I walk in each morning.

Jean 143/365

On Saturday I got a call out of the blue from a friend who was coming through town yesterday and wanting to know if we would be around. He ended up stopping for a couple beers and spending the night. I love Marty… Even though we don’t stay in close touch, it’s always great to see him when our paths cross, and we always pick back up where we left off. He’s good people, and it was really, really good to have a chance to catch up with him. (He left way early this morning, so he left this note for us)

Jean 142/365

Was texting with Lauren tonight, and the second she mentioned that she was having pizza for dinner, I had a one-track mind. This was the photo I sent when she asked if I’d gotten my pizza. Success!!