Mitch 54/365

Grandma came to spend some time with us, and this was taken right after she got here. The kids that night said some funny stuff. Abby said in her prayers that night that mommy and daddy could leave and grandma would stay and watch the kids. And then repeated that three more times. We got the hint.

Mitch 53/365

I think I already posted a picture of this bad boy but this was the only picture for this day. I sent this picture to a friend who spent a couple of my last months with me in Brazil. He said he’d make one too only he would use a map instead of a flag. That’s pretty much all there is to say about that.

Jean 60/365

While my mom was here, she helped me get my finished art work hung–but we forgot to take a photo. So, I asked Stephen to take this one so I could send it off to her today. For a first try, I’m REALLY happy with how they turned out. (Jody, if you’re serious let me know–you might be able to sweet talk me into making you a set…)

Jean 59/365

It’s spring in southern Utah! We’ve gotten a TON of rain lately (which I kind of enjoy because it happens so seldom around here). Today, it turned to mini-hail. Lots of it. That’s at least a quarter inch of the stuff that you’re seeing there on the rooftop and down on the ground. Crazy.

Jean 58/365

Mom had to go home today.😦 A couple of months ago, my dad shipped a surprise (for her) to me. She has no idea what’s in the box–all she knows is that she’s NOT to remove the tape to look, she is to keep the box cool, and she is to deliver it to my dad. I sent him this photo to let him know his special delivery was safely in transit.😀