Clint 117/365

This may look like a mess, but it’s a flavorful one. It started with some homemade Chili Verde on the bottom, then some jalapeno Mac & Cheese, then add some leftover roasted potatoes from the other night, scrambled eggs, and some pepper jack to top it all of. A lovely mess. :D

Clint 115/365

Working in the same district as yesterday. I got moved up from the unskilled to the skilled job today – working on migrating and cleaning up student accounts in Google Apps. There are about 100 Chromebooks stacked up on that table to the upper right (notice all of the empty Chromebook boxes on the upper right). Behind Scott near the whiteboard sit about 100 or so more, along with a LOT more hardware. Each Chromebook runs around $280. If this room were to go up in flames…

Clint 114/365

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Working in a district today. We usually give our districts a few days each summer to use us as free skilled & unskilled labor. Our networking and systems specialists are normally doing the skilled jobs, while my Director boss and I end up unboxing and setting up 80 monitors in a computer lab… Enjoy the before and after shots of the monitor boxes.

Clint 112/365

Cheat. Here’s a good idea of the volume of ribeyes we grill up for our legislators steak fry… We get them from a small local butcher, and they are always amazing.