PopLid Bio

Hi everyone. I am Frank (POP) Lid, a retired electrical and software engineer living in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I spent about 40 years writing computer programs and designing computer systems, most of which were used in factory automated production, robotics, and component testing. Along the way, as time permitted, I was a husband (34 years), father (daughters Chrysti and Beth), singer (barbershop, community choruses, church choirs, etc.) and part time poet, song writer,artist, and general neusance (philosopher)! I,ve been widowed (2000) and divorced (2006), and am currently in a dedicated partnership with Myrna McDougal, a wonderful retired nurse practitioner who was widowed in 2001. Since retirement, I’ve done a lot of reading in Christian History and commentary, which has altered my approach and my thinking about many things,including life, death ,aging, and all the wonderful, agonizing momets in between. I welcome the challenge of sharing 365 of those moments with you this year on PhotographicState.

SororRavn Bio

Hi! Name’s Kimberly but I go by SororRavn online. I am a 34 year old mother of 4 who is attending classes at ASU working on my undergrad degree working up to my eventual doctorate in genetics. I was involved with Envisage for about 5 years and this last year without it I feel like something has been missing. I am glad to have found this photo blog and I am hoping to be able to stay involved with it for at least the first year and see where it goes from there.


I’m Robin and this is my 7th year participating in the Photostate blog. Every year I am on the fence about continuing on but never more so than this one. My partner, Joe, died suddenly in September 2014 and my whole life changed in an ordinary instant. The months since then have been full of loss. Joe was the reason I joined Photostate and oddly enough he is the reason I am joining for another year. We were together for 7 years and it just didn’t seem right for me to have only 6 years here. Life is all about balance. I will turn 54 in April and in September I will “celebrate” 30 years working as a cog in state government. (My friends have promised to shoot me if I ever reach 40 years.) I am an IT manager by day and a dreamer by night. I love the outdoors but I am afraid of the dark. I laugh a lot. I love country music (classic country – think Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson) and Harry Potter. I don’t have any kids or pets but I do have a bunch of amazing friends and a crazy sister in Chicago. I love the process of photographing both the ordinary and the magical moments of my days. I love sharing the moments of other people’s days. Our lives are full of beauty and details that we might not otherwise see or appreciate. I cherish the many, many photos I have taken for this project. This year my photos are for me. This is my time to heal, discover a new life, find new adventures and make new memories. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” (Albus Dumbledore)