Clint 142/365

Cheat. I just could not bring myself to toss this out. This is a badge from my first national teacher conference that I attended. My Pop came along on the trip with me using some free airplane tickets that we got for giving up our seats on a flight from Salt Lake to Phoenix. We finally got to Phoenix, after Delta routed us through Atlanta. For our sacrifice, my Mom, Pop and I each got 2 free tickets to go anywhere in the continental US. Reno does not sound like too good of an opportunity, but we only had a year to use them and I got to fly from our little Cedar City airport instead of driving to either Las Vegas or Salt Lake to fly to the next (or same) state.

Clint 140/365

Cheat. Another item we carelessly tossed out during our office clean up. If you look closely, the price sticker on this says $69.95 – how wasteful! I’m sure that someone out there is collecting this stuff, but we just didn’t have the time to try to figure out what would have any value at all and what might.

Clint 139/365

Here’s the "After" of my office. Not too much has changed, but I put my desk at an angle to the room/corner, arranged the monitors so that I don’t have to peer over them to talk to anyone, Moved the community printer closer to the door and brought in a couch from home. It’s nice and open, and I have lots of great light from the window to light my desk. A lamp is coming soon for when it’s not so bright outside. I also cleaned out my drawers and shelves and dusted my awards and toys displayed for probably the first time I moved into this office 9 years ago!

Clint 138/365

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There are a few things in technology that come along that belong in the "Absolute Magic" category, and these are the latest in that category for me. They are paper cubes that you can print out online that work with the Elements 4D app (wooden blocks coming soon). You place the cube in front of the iPad camera when the app is running and the app will transform that paper cube into a virtual cube of that element. You can have 2 cubes on the screen at a time. If you touch the two cubes together and those two elements react, the image changes to show the product of the reaction and the balanced equation for the reaction shows on the screen as well. SO FREAKING COOL! If I would have had these back when I taught Chemistry, It would have been fantastic.

Clint 137/365

Our office clean up day also made room for my officemate to move to his own space. I really didn’t mind sharing an office with our resident Evil Boy Genius, but I guess he needs to be able to get in "The Zone" when problem solving or programming. It hasn’t been a big deal because I’m normally out of the office 4-5 days a week in schools. I’ll miss having him right next to me, but he has a solution! We’ll be using our walkie-talkies to communicate!

This is my new office "Before" photo. The after will be coming in a few days.