Jean 321/365

I’m too embarrassed at how absolutely disgusting our shower is to do before and after photos, but this is how I spent my morning. A friend said it looked like I was heading into a crime scene, and I said, "Oh, so you HAVE seen my shower!" Ugh. My shoulders ache but it looks SO much better now.


Jean 320/365

I’m in a wedding in August, and we’re ordering dresses online. They’ll send you samples to try before you make a decision, so I got to try a few on this weekend. This one is the winner. It’s actually red, but I used my very limited Photoshop skills to recolor it to the blue we’ll actually be wearing. With some tailoring, I think it’ll work out well.

Jean 318/365

Poor Heather, one of my colleagues, lost a bet that a bunch of students and teammates at work were part of. She had to sit in the student center today and offer to make balloon animals for students–either swords or snakes! I asked for a llama and got this. 🙂 She’s SO funny and SUCH a good sport. Totally made my afternoon.