Clint 171/365

Cheat. I was able to go out to breakfast with my Pop during our visit. We went to one of my favorite spots and I ordered what I always did, the Combo Special. Two pancakes, two strips of bacon, two eggs and hashbrowns. SO tasty.

Clint 170/365

Cheat. We came SO CLOSE to taking home a new dog this weekend. The Beer Fest benefitted the Utah Humane Society, and they brought in some special, sweet dogs to the event. This is Moose, a 1’ish year old Chocolate Lab. We spent a LOT of time with him and really did want to bring him home, but we are both so busy this time of year and would not have the time and energy to devote to him. He was a popular boy this day – we were the 2nd of 3 families who spent time with him. Family 1 was glad to see us come back around and wanted us to have him, and family 3 was waiting and waiting for us to make our decision before they met him. Family 3 eventually took him home – they thanked us for letting them have him and promised to give him a good life.

Emotional decision, but the right one to make. Best of luck Moose!!!

Clint 168/365

The main reason for our trip up north this weekend is to attend the 6th Annual Utah Beer Fest – who knew?!?!?! We were also able to take in the Farmers Market in the AM, so it was an all around great, fun day. :D

Clint 167/365

Jean and I are headed to spend a few nights with my Pop in northern Utah. This is the first trip that Chaco has had the whole back seat to himself – Chili was a bit neurotic in the car so we used to have to drug both of them so that there were no issues. Where’s Charley? She would have NO problem getting over the temporary fences that my Pop puts up to keep the dogs in his yard, so she is spending the weekend in day care. I think Chaco is just fine with riding solo!

Clint 166/365

At the start of each year, most school districts have an "Opening Institute" to welcome back all of the teachers, let them know the latest on their health and dental insurance, recognizing retiring teachers, welcoming new teachers to the district, and to provide some professional development (that’s where I come in!). This district always has the BEST lunch – Dutch Oven beef and potatoes, and amazing homemade desserts. I’m ALWAYS happy when I get invited to present at this event!