Jean 365/365

I’ve always tried to end the year with a photo that wraps things up. It feels strange to not do that this year, but as life moves on, I’m trying to get comfortable with letting go of that control.

Many of you know that I lost my best friend, Katie, on this day three years ago. When I was invited to go on a trip with students that started today, I wasn’t sure I could do it. What if I wanted to be alone? What if I was sad all day? How would I explain to a bunch of strangers why I was crying around the fire? Thankfully, I have beautiful friends in my life who helped me process and decide to go. It was absolutely the right decision.

It’s been a hard day but a great one, too. It’s what Katie would have wanted me to do–go on an adventure, get outside my comfort zone, camp, and connect. This photo is me at Death Valley. It feels appropriate, somehow, that this photo is up above the valley, not in it. I hope that’s symbolic of the year ahead.


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