Clint Bio

Ok. So… Year 7 of this little photo-a-day experiment! I am husband to our resident "Old Timer" Jean, who has been at this for 9 years. This project has been fun for the most part – it’s just a tiny bit exasperating when I get to be 30, or 40, or 50 days behind in posting my photos… I do always get caught up!

It’s fun to document each day, and great to have a visual record of the year. However, probably the biggest reason that I keep this up is that it’s an easy way to let my sweet father (I’ll refer to him as Pop in my posts) keep track of me and my travels.

I’m a confessed geek, and the Technical Advisor for this blog (yes, I’ll be adding that to my resumé). I help teachers everyday with their classroom technology for a living. My job takes me all over the state of Utah in this pursuit. Jean and I love to travel, we love our dogs, and we love our little life (most of the time) in southern Utah.

Oh, did I mention that I love lime green and good coffee as well?


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