Jean Bio

Year. Nine. When we started this, I never imagined that we’d last this long. I also never imagined the friends I’d make, the experiences I’d share, or the laughter I’d find in sharing my years and getting to peek into the lives of others. I couldn’t have dreamt that this photo project would become such a meaningful part of my life!

I’m the photographer known as Jean. It seems like a lot has changed in the last year, yet, not so much. I continue to be a college educator/administrator, wife to photographer Clint, and Lab mama x2. I hate to run but love running in events with friends. I’m frequently tired but fight bedtime like an ornery toddler. New adventures feed my soul, but I suffer serious anxiety when any kind of travel approaches. I don’t want to live in Utah forever, but I have to admit it finally feels like home and it’ll be a struggle to leave. I live for meaningful connections but am an absolute introvert who craves alone time. I like to paint, create, read, and write, but often, I have a tough time convincing myself to get off the couch to do any of those.

This year I’m focusing again on living mindfully. I’m so glad photos will continue to be a part of that journey, along with each of you!


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