PopLid Bio

Hello again Photographic Staters. I am Frank (POP) Lid, a retired electrical and software engineer living in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I spent about 40 years writing computer programs and designing computer systems, most of which were used in factory automated production, robotics, and component testing. Along the way, as time permitted, I was a husband (34 years), father (daughters Chrysti and Beth), singer (barbershop, community choruses, church choirs, etc.) and part time poet, song writer, artist, and general nuisance (philosopher)! I’ve been widowed (2000) and divorced (2006), and am currently in a dedicated partnership with Myrna McDougal, a wonderful retired nurse practitioner who was widowed in 2001. Since retirement, I’ve done a lot of reading in Christian History and commentary, which has altered my approach and my thinking about many things, including life, death ,aging, and all the wonderful, agonizing moments in between.
On the 9th day of this new Photo year, I will be turning 75. It will be interesting to see how this affects my photo selection and commentary.
I welcome the challenge of sharing 365 of my 76th year’s moments with you this year on Photographic State. So, let’s get clicking, or snapping, or whatever!


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