This is my 9th year of participating in PS and I will admit I don’t plan these bios very well. I am always unprepared and I never know what to say. I usually just sit down to write and see what comes out. It’s an interesting process as things change from year to year. Let’s start with the concrete facts. That’s me on the left in the photo below – unadorned, hot, sweaty and smiling. I live in central NJ and I am single. No kids. No pets. I had a life-partner (Joe) who died suddenly in September 2014. I say that not for pity or sympathy (I am beyond that) but because his death affected me profoundly and has changed me (mostly for the better but not always). Every now and then Joe makes an appearance in my photos in the form of memory and longing and missing.

I have a younger sister who lives in Chicago and an older brother who just moved to Florida. I have been a slave for the state government for almost 32 years. I have been there so long that on bad days I hate people I don’t even know. That includes Gov. Chubs. I am an IT manager with a small quirky staff. The people I work with will tell you that I am tough but fair with no axes to grind. I work hard but really don’t take the job seriously if that makes sense. I will probably end my career being escorted out in handcuffs or with a flame thrower and a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hands.

In real life, I enjoy skating (quads not inlines), walking, being outdoors, reading, movies, music and playing with my art supplies. You will see a lot of nature photos from me. After Joe died I started practicing yoga as a way to deal with my grief and fell in love with all aspects of it – both physical and emotional. I am wickedly funny, wildly irreverent, deeply emotional and afraid of the dark. My motto in life is when things get tough, suit up, show up, and let the day unfold. My final thought is a quote from Mitch Albom: “We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes, we forget what we have.” Taking daily photos is a way to remind myself of what I have. I am looking forward to sharing the year with you all.


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