SororRavn Bio

Hello all! I go by Ravn here. I am obsessed with genetics, science, math, and makeup. I love teaching and run a small tutoring business. You can find it on Facebook under Late Night Wanderings of the Mind. I am looking forward to sharing another year with all you beautiful people. I am getting involved with March for Science happening in April and would love to see any locals join me for the march. I would recommend that if you want to continuing to see advances being made in science, find a local march and join. Don’t let assholes stand in the way of education. Ok, I’ll step down off my soapbox now.

I enjoy video games, reading, spending time with my family and friends, and life in general. I play lots of Pokemon and God of War. My favorite author is Stephen King. My favorite monster is the zombie and I love B-rated horror movies. I am starting to get into the world of photography. One of my tutoring clients is a close friend and a photographer and has hired me on as her assistant. Pretty legit and I get to go to LA on a regular basis. Be sure to look for the March issue of Fisique magazine and see her work on the cover!


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