Mandy 9/365

Going through some old pictures today. This is my boyfriend Allen and I, way back in 8th grade. We were each others first love, and although we were together all through middle school and freshman year of high school, we knew we would eventually end up together again. It took nearly 13 years after we broke up, to find each other again. We both had failed marriages, and we kept popping up in each others lives more and more. Timing just seemed right. People thought we were crazy, that there was no chance in hell a middle school love would ever flourish. Those that *knew* us, though, knew that we were meant for each other, and if anyone could do it…it was us. We are beginning our third year together. I can’t imagine my life without my soul mate. Though we are not as young and skinny as we are in this picture, our love is so much stronger than I ever imagined.


2 thoughts on “Mandy 9/365

  1. WOW. This is awesome. I hear from time to time about couples who met early in life, and it always amazes me–so it’s really fun to see this photo and hear your story!

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