PopLid 47/365 The Easter Promise

Easter Sunday ………………………..The Easter Promise I loved you even before your mother looked into your eyes,
And smiled and wept with tears of joy the first time I heard you cry,
I sang to you in your cradle, the songs of birds on the breeze,
And brought you visions of angels, to dance within your dreams,
For I am the loving creator that brought your life into being.
I will always be there with you.
I watched with marveled awe as you took your very first wobbly step,
And I found joy in how quickly you learned to prance and to skip.
I watched eagerly your learning to run, you never seemed to sit,
And I laughed as you stomped the puddles and got brand new shoes all wet,
For I am the force that guides you truly, holding steady every tiny step,
I will always be there with you.
I laughed out loud as you scrambled under gushing cold spring rains,
and danced with you in the sprinkler when the hot sun of summer came,
I jumped with joy in piles of leaves heaped high on the autumn lawn,
and loved to kiss your reddened cheeks high above the toboggan run.
For I am the innocence and joy of youth that invented all that’s fun, and
I will always be there with you.
I blushed with you as you, in turn, found a love to be your partner in life,
Eagerly beginning a family and career together as husband and wife.
I cheered as you rose in your chosen roles yet stayed dedicated to each other,
While raising your children to honor the Earth, its people and one another.
For I am the dedication, and the courage that caused you to grow and flower.
I will always be there with you.
I will watch you through the golden years as your children strike out on their own,
And see you with fine grandchildren, reaping the harvest of the seeds you have sown,
I will then steady your grasp on life and love as you inevitably begin to fade
And as you close you eyes for one last time, it will be at me that you gaze,
For I am the beginning and final destination of all of life’s limited days,
And I will always be there with you.
On the very day you die I will see your bones carried gently to their resting place,
And I will cry the saddest, warmest tears, my friend, tears that will stain my face,
But I alone will stay when the other mourners leave you in the cold, dark grave,
Taking your gentle spirit away to where you will know neither time nor space,
There will I be again with you,
And you forever will be with Me.
Frank Lid …………………………. Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

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