PopLid 49/365 The Bottom

The Bottom
Sittin’, slumpin’, spittin’, and stingin’, I’m
Back where I started when I know what I said,
That for the last time it was going to be different,
That I wouldn’t let myself get back here again.
Sulkin’, skulkin’, sneerin’ and starin’.
Avoidin’ lookin’, ‘cept at my shoes.
Wishin’ I’d stopped but knowin’ I couldn’t,
Wishin’ that I’d never e’en heard about booze.
Spinnin’, fallin’, wailin’, crawlin’, so
Crazy with wantin’ that I can’t control.
Running away from myself and others, bein’
Chased in frantic circles by my own shiverin’ soul.
Shakin’, quakin’,shiverin’ and quiverin’, and
Hopin’ my liver will take all the strain, and
My hands will stop shakin’, and head will stop hurtin’
So I can get up and walk away from this pain.
Beggin’ and prayin’, sweatin’ and cryin’ “God
Help me to live sober or take me on Home.”
‘Cause I’m back on the bottom, reaching tow’rd Heaven
Cryin’ “Pull me up Lord, I can’t do this Alone!”
Step One:


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