PopLid 53/365 Reminders of You

Reminders of You

The barren window where your favorite flower had always hung,
The emptiness of the breakfast table now set for only one,
The empty chair where you always sat to feel the morning sun,
These, devoid of love and life forever reminding that you are gone.

The gardening tools you cherished standing idly near empty gloves,
Those old soiled shoes you wore while digging sit side by side, still waiting.
The weeds that have overtaken the planting spaces you so enjoyed.
These, like my soul, in solitary waiting, yearning for your touch.

Your well read book of prayers unopened on the stand by the bed.
That favorite hat you wore to church collects dust on the closet shelf.
The lullabies you sang to our children now echo sadly in my head.
These hold my heart captive reminding daily that you are gone.

Time will dull the ache of loss, the emptiness in my soul.
But for now I have naught but these memories to comfort and console,
So to these reminders I will cling, despite the daily pain they bring,
For they are all I have that still connect me, dear one, to you.

Frank Lid……….. June 13, 2015
………..Revisited April 22, 2017


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