PopLid 54/365 Silhouettes at dawn

Silhouettes in the early dawn sky

I was up early walking this morning,
and something of interest caught my eye.
I saw stark, foreboding silhouettes
As I looked toward the eastern sky.

I wondered, then, about my coming day.
How will I face fear and doubt today?
Will I allow them to keep me from seeing new light,
And keep me imprisoned in the pain of yesterday?

In an hour I passed the same place again.
The morning light had taken those silhouettes away,
Replacing them with an old building, some trees and a fence,
Showing me how God’s light can change the outlook on my day!

So I relearned a lesson as I walked my route today.
When I feel fear and doubt are getting in my way,
Give time for God to bring truth into play,
Then you need not fight fear and doubts, they will just go away.

Frank Lid ……………….. April 22, 2017


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