Clint 133/365

Today starts the last bit of crazy in my work life for a while. We have a big conference here at SUU that I’m a big part of organizing that starts tomorrow. I present 8 times out of 10 sessions. At the time of this picture, I had not yet finished prepping for two of my sessions tomorrow….

This is Andrew. He’s my counterpart in rural northern Utah. We thought it would be fun to plan a little 9-hole golf outing for any presenters interested in playing. Interest was modest, but we decided to proceed. What was going to be 8 turned into 5 players, but by the appointed time, we were down to two. The good news is that he and I tied for the championship for the 1st Annual URSA Conference Golf Tournament (we played better ball). We’ll do our best to get more people out next year.

The bad news is that right after this, I headed back to the office and was there finishing up one presentation until about 7 pm. I went home, had dinner, and then worked on my other session until 11 pm…


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