Clint 163/365

Our doggie boarding and day care place (often referred to by Jean and I as “The Resort”) won our local business of the month! They have saved our lives more than once, so I feel it’s well deserved.

Clint 162/365

After my training today (which I worked through lunch until about 3 pm), I headed to a great local Car Hop/Drive-In. They have the best sweet potato fries, and the Reuben hit the spot today. No marshmallow dipping sauce for the fries today though, just good ‘ol Utah Fry Sauce!

Clint 160/365

Cheat. With all of the rain came a LOT of lightning and thunder – some of it VERY close. It freaks Charley out a lot, and she seems to retreat to a closet or closed in space during the storms. Jean did her best to make her a little cave next to where she was working. Chaco loved it, but Charley didn’t want any part of it.

Clint 158/365

Jean is prepping for a big retreat with her 17 advisors. I helped her put together a fun online game/quiz with answers from a survey she sent out to them. Someone mentioned that they "hate soap boogers" and after much Googling I couldn’t find a soap booger photo that I liked (go figure?). So, this is the best I could come up with around the house. Enjoy?