ROBIN 225/365

For a brief instant this morning, the sky was on fire.


ROBIN 223/365

Sending a small bit of Joe’s ashes off to be incorporated into a handmade glass bead. The artist invites her customers to include a letter with memories of the person as well as photos. It took me two days to write the letter and gather photos. Tomorrow I will be sealing all of this up and dropping it into the hands of the US Postal Service. God help them if they lose him.

ROBIN 221/365

"Most of us walk without chains, yet we aren’t free. We’re tethered to regret and sorrow from the past. We return to the past and continue to suffer. The past is a prison. But now you have the key to unlock the door and arrive in the present moment. You breathe in, you bring your mind home to your body, you make a step, and you arrive in the here and now. There is the sunshine, the beautiful trees, and the songs of birds." (Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Walk)