Chris Bio

My name is Chris, I live and work in beautiful Southern Utah with my husband of 35 years and our fur babies, Hoss (Great Dane) and Patches (mixed breed of fur love). I love technology and am grateful to have a job that allows me to share, learn and grow. Looking forward to being part of this group!


Jean Bio

Year. Nine. When we started this, I never imagined that we’d last this long. I also never imagined the friends I’d make, the experiences I’d share, or the laughter I’d find in sharing my years and getting to peek into the lives of others. I couldn’t have dreamt that this photo project would become such a meaningful part of my life!

I’m the photographer known as Jean. It seems like a lot has changed in the last year, yet, not so much. I continue to be a college educator/administrator, wife to photographer Clint, and Lab mama x2. I hate to run but love running in events with friends. I’m frequently tired but fight bedtime like an ornery toddler. New adventures feed my soul, but I suffer serious anxiety when any kind of travel approaches. I don’t want to live in Utah forever, but I have to admit it finally feels like home and it’ll be a struggle to leave. I live for meaningful connections but am an absolute introvert who craves alone time. I like to paint, create, read, and write, but often, I have a tough time convincing myself to get off the couch to do any of those.

This year I’m focusing again on living mindfully. I’m so glad photos will continue to be a part of that journey, along with each of you!

Mandy Bio

Hi! My name is Mandy, and I hate these things. I never know what to say about myself. So I guess I’ll start with the basics. I’m a recently divorced 30 year old mom of two. I live in a cute but tiny town in North Carolina. For the last two years years, I have been with my first love, and between us, we have a house full with four kids.

I am a Harry Potter nut. Saying I’m obsessed is putting it lightly (roar roar Gryffindor!). I’m a crafter. I have a weird relationship with my ex-husband’s fiancee, causing me to see him more than I ever cared to when we were married, but hey… It’s great for the kids. So you’ll probably see her pop up every now and again.

I have no idea what else to say. I’m an open book, but never know what to tell people about me.

SororRavn Bio

Hello all! I go by Ravn here. I am obsessed with genetics, science, math, and makeup. I love teaching and run a small tutoring business. You can find it on Facebook under Late Night Wanderings of the Mind. I am looking forward to sharing another year with all you beautiful people. I am getting involved with March for Science happening in April and would love to see any locals join me for the march. I would recommend that if you want to continuing to see advances being made in science, find a local march and join. Don’t let assholes stand in the way of education. Ok, I’ll step down off my soapbox now.

I enjoy video games, reading, spending time with my family and friends, and life in general. I play lots of Pokemon and God of War. My favorite author is Stephen King. My favorite monster is the zombie and I love B-rated horror movies. I am starting to get into the world of photography. One of my tutoring clients is a close friend and a photographer and has hired me on as her assistant. Pretty legit and I get to go to LA on a regular basis. Be sure to look for the March issue of Fisique magazine and see her work on the cover!


This is my 9th year of participating in PS and I will admit I don’t plan these bios very well. I am always unprepared and I never know what to say. I usually just sit down to write and see what comes out. It’s an interesting process as things change from year to year. Let’s start with the concrete facts. That’s me on the left in the photo below – unadorned, hot, sweaty and smiling. I live in central NJ and I am single. No kids. No pets. I had a life-partner (Joe) who died suddenly in September 2014. I say that not for pity or sympathy (I am beyond that) but because his death affected me profoundly and has changed me (mostly for the better but not always). Every now and then Joe makes an appearance in my photos in the form of memory and longing and missing.

I have a younger sister who lives in Chicago and an older brother who just moved to Florida. I have been a slave for the state government for almost 32 years. I have been there so long that on bad days I hate people I don’t even know. That includes Gov. Chubs. I am an IT manager with a small quirky staff. The people I work with will tell you that I am tough but fair with no axes to grind. I work hard but really don’t take the job seriously if that makes sense. I will probably end my career being escorted out in handcuffs or with a flame thrower and a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hands.

In real life, I enjoy skating (quads not inlines), walking, being outdoors, reading, movies, music and playing with my art supplies. You will see a lot of nature photos from me. After Joe died I started practicing yoga as a way to deal with my grief and fell in love with all aspects of it – both physical and emotional. I am wickedly funny, wildly irreverent, deeply emotional and afraid of the dark. My motto in life is when things get tough, suit up, show up, and let the day unfold. My final thought is a quote from Mitch Albom: “We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes, we forget what we have.” Taking daily photos is a way to remind myself of what I have. I am looking forward to sharing the year with you all.

Clint Bio

Ok. So… Year 7 of this little photo-a-day experiment! I am husband to our resident "Old Timer" Jean, who has been at this for 9 years. This project has been fun for the most part – it’s just a tiny bit exasperating when I get to be 30, or 40, or 50 days behind in posting my photos… I do always get caught up!

It’s fun to document each day, and great to have a visual record of the year. However, probably the biggest reason that I keep this up is that it’s an easy way to let my sweet father (I’ll refer to him as Pop in my posts) keep track of me and my travels.

I’m a confessed geek, and the Technical Advisor for this blog (yes, I’ll be adding that to my resumé). I help teachers everyday with their classroom technology for a living. My job takes me all over the state of Utah in this pursuit. Jean and I love to travel, we love our dogs, and we love our little life (most of the time) in southern Utah.

Oh, did I mention that I love lime green and good coffee as well?

PopLid Bio

Hello again Photographic Staters. I am Frank (POP) Lid, a retired electrical and software engineer living in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I spent about 40 years writing computer programs and designing computer systems, most of which were used in factory automated production, robotics, and component testing. Along the way, as time permitted, I was a husband (34 years), father (daughters Chrysti and Beth), singer (barbershop, community choruses, church choirs, etc.) and part time poet, song writer, artist, and general nuisance (philosopher)! I’ve been widowed (2000) and divorced (2006), and am currently in a dedicated partnership with Myrna McDougal, a wonderful retired nurse practitioner who was widowed in 2001. Since retirement, I’ve done a lot of reading in Christian History and commentary, which has altered my approach and my thinking about many things, including life, death ,aging, and all the wonderful, agonizing moments in between.
On the 9th day of this new Photo year, I will be turning 75. It will be interesting to see how this affects my photo selection and commentary.
I welcome the challenge of sharing 365 of my 76th year’s moments with you this year on Photographic State. So, let’s get clicking, or snapping, or whatever!