Clint Bio

Year 8! Not sure how that’s possible but here we are. I am husband to our resident “Old Timer” and the main force keeping us going, Jean. Amazingly this will be her 10th year. This project has been fun for the most part – it’s just a tiny bit exasperating when I get to be 30, or 40, or 50 days behind in posting my photos… I do always get caught up! I normally do catch up in batches but I’m tricky enough to pre-date the posts so that I never hog the recent posts.

It’s fun to document each day, and great to have a visual record of the year. However, probably the biggest reason that I keep this up is that it’s an easy way to let my sweet father (I’ll refer to him as Pop in my posts) keep track of me and my travels.

I’m a confessed geek, and the Technical Advisor for this blog (yes, I’ll be adding that to my resumé). I help teachers everyday with their classroom technology for a living. My job takes me all over the state of Utah in this pursuit. I love to golf. Jean and I love to travel. I love to travel to golf (hence my Bio pic). We love our dogs. We love our little life (most of the time) in southern Utah.

Mauna Lani, Big Island, Hawaii


Heather Bio

Hi! I’m Heather and I’m so excited to take part of this project! I’m trying to challenge myself to notice things around me and to get out of my comfort zone.

A little about me….I live in Wisconsin – born & raised here. Married for 13 years and we have two cats. You’ll probably get sick of seeing photos of them!

I enjoy traveling when work and my wallet allows. I enjoy crocheting and reading. I’m also working on making myself healthier in 2018.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos and learning more about everyone!


Another year. Another bio. As usual I never know what to write. Basic facts. I don’t remember how I got started but this is my 10th year being a member of Photostate. I am the oldest of the group (I believe) but rest assured I am young at heart. I live in a snooty little white-bread town in Mercer County, NJ. It’s close to work though (love that 15 minute commute) and there are miles and miles of walking trails in every direction. Plus there’s a great public library system. I love to read. I live alone. (I originally typed that as I love alone – which is oddly true.) My partner, Joe, died in 2014. He was my home and I have been lost ever since. There are no words to describe how fiercely I miss him and our life together. There are also no words to describe how much I currently hate my job. I am an IT supervisor for the state of NJ. This year will mark my 33rd anniversary there and I am seriously considering retirement. You don’t need a polished resume to make coffee at Wawa. I am simple minded and easily amused. I have a wicked tongue and an irreverent sense of humor. I also have more Lego mini-figures than any adult person should have. I wear my heart on my sleeve but don’t cross me. I don’t forgive easily. While country and western music dominates the soundtrack of my life I’ve been known to rock out to Pink Cadillac now and then. I practice yoga 3-4 times a week. I love it but I am a bad yogi. I still want to throat punch people at Trader Joe’s. Looking forward to sharing more sunset photos with both old and new folks.

SororRavn Bio

Hello! I’m SororRavn. Geeky. Gamer. Goth. Lover of makeup, math, and science. I’ve taken on an apprenticeship with a local photographer. I’ve learned lots of awesome things and hope to put them to work here. In the last year or so, I’ve gone to LA on two celebrity photo shoots, walked the red carpet, launched a magazine, gotten a new job, a promotion, started dating an amazing couple, made a couple of trips to Texas to check on the grandparents, moved my QPP out here to AZ, and generally ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. I have 4 kids with my husband, the oldest of which graduated in December and moved out in January. We are celebrating 6 years of marriage this year.

Life’s a journey, not a destination.

Jeb Bio


My name is John Edward Branin, but I’ve always gone by “Jeb” (my initials). My amazing wife and I live in beautiful Southern Utah. We have four grown children (and their spouses), one grandchild, and one border collie to herd us all.

I’m excited to participate in this blog and am, frankly, curious to see how it develops and where it might take me. It is possible, however, that it will turn into 365 pictures of my dog and grandson.

My interests are simple, but eclectic, perhaps seemingly contradictory to those who don’t know me. I love live theatre and have three theatre degrees. I like to travel. I am passionate about fine art and love to visit museums whenever I can. I am also an avid football fan and follow the Pittsburgh Steelers with a passion. I am almost obsessive about hard, loud, and abrasive rock ‘n’ roll. I am as comfortable in a tumult of flying bodies in a small punk or metal club as I am at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. I am a man of deep faith who equally appreciates science and I support those who support public policies informed by empirical research.

I laugh loud, long, and often. Life is good and I wanna celebrate it every day.

Mandy Bio

I guess the second try is better, right? We shall see!

Anyway, I am a 31 year old mom of two, with two bonus kids. My boyfriend and I have our very own toy store, so I’m sure there will be many pics popping up from all that awesomesauce.
I use emojis way too much, and I say "lol" in real life conversations.
I am a crafter, I love to sew, and I tend to project jump – a lot. But I have a passion for learning all the crafty things, because I like supporting small businesses. And I like money. Not gonna lie.
I am very sarcastic and brutally honest, but I have one of the kindest hearts you’ll see.
My sense of humor is… dark and twisted.
Huge animal lover – I’m going to die trying to pet something I shouldn’t, I just know it.

Well that’s about me in a nut shell. 🙂

Rhi Bio

Hello Y’all. My name is Rhiannon, but my friends call me Rhi. I am passionate about people, including four-legged, furry people, and nature’s beauty. The majority of the pictures I take are of just that. I am new to the area and have had some recent, major life trials; therefore, I am hoping to connect with more amazing people. You can never have enough friends! The only thing I am worried about is remembering to actually post the pictures, as my memory is shot and my brain is mush! I can’t wait to explore this year with y’all.