Clint 283/365

Cheat. Charley had a little accident at day care a few days back. I thought that it wasn’t too serious, but after a few days it wasn’t looking any better (a little worse, in fact) so we went to the vet yesterday. Antibiotics and keep it wrapped up so that she won’t lick or bother it for a week or so… Poor kid.


Clint 280/365

😦 This huge crack in Jean’s new Jeep windshield happened about 30 seconds after I dropped her off at work today. She may never let me drive it again! It had a tiny, but repaired, rock chip in the middle of the windshield when we bought it, and this morning was the first VERY cold morning we’ve had.

Clint 278/365

Cheat. I’ve had this table that was converted from a stained glass window from my Pop’s house in the garage for over 10 years. Chili chewed it up pretty good when we lived in our old place, and it just hasn’t found a place in the house. A co-worker has been looking for several months for a nice old door or something to use as a table in her office, and this just happens to be the right size. I finally put two and two together and offered it up. I hate to let it go, but she loves it and I’ll get some enjoyment out of it here at work.