Heather 164/365

Start of making 14 day sweet pickles at Mom’s. Also canned dill pickles and stewed tomatoes.


Heather 161/365

Final portion of having the tree removed. That stump grinder is super loud. Glad it went quick.

Heather 158/365

Hammer In event at the John Deere historical site in Grand Detour Illinois. This event happens every other year. Several blacksmiths converge on the historical site of the start of John Deere company and John Deere’s home. They had a teaching area and we got to make our own project.

Not bad for a first timer!

Heather 157/365

We visited the John Deere Pavilion in Moline Illinois. Interesting place for John Deere history and great interactive displays for kids and adults alike. I crawled up into all kinds of tractors and earth moving equipment!