Jean 332/365

Cheat. Tuesday was the longest Charley has ever been home alone. Before that, she’d always been with either us or with Chaco (aside from like an hour a couple of times when Chaco had to go to the vet). I took this when I got home that day because I was so relieved to find that she hadn’t destroyed the house.


Jean 331/365

Wore these socks today in honor of my big sweet Chaco.

Jean 330/365

I changed the wallpaper on one of my monitors to one of my favorite photos of Chaco, but I’m not sure I can leave it up. It makes me smile, but sometimes when I look at it, it makes me SO sad, too. I picked up his ashes today from the vet–glad that’s done, but it was such a hard trip.

Jean 329/365

One of my lead team members surprised me yesterday with this "sunshine bag"–it’s full of silly little toys and doo-dads, all in yellow and orange. I waited for Clint to get home last night so we could unpack it all together. It make us giggle, and we really needed that. He printed a photo of Chaco from Facebook and framed it, too. That definitely made us cry, but it was so sweet and helped my heart remember that people love us so much and understand the depth of our loss.

Jean 328/365

My friend Lauren got me a new art project to work on for Christmas, and I finished it today. It was fun to do! No idea what I’ll do with it now, but I enjoyed creating it.

Jean 327/365

She’s getting a little antsy without her brother to harass and having not gone to daycare for several days. She has a ball in her mouth in this photo, trying to convince me it’s time to play.