Jean 119/365

Another day of unpacking–we’re tired but we managed to get almost all of the boxes open and stuff vaguely where it belongs. We made a great team–I’d open boxes and unwrap stuff while my mom put things away, and then my brother would come along and pick up paper and bubble wrap and would break down boxes. We took this one while my dad was taking my brother back to the airport tonight. Told him the whole process was breaking down with him there to help!


Jean 118/365

It was a long day of unloading and unpacking, but we made a ton of progress at my parents’ new house. My brother is still in town until tomorrow, so tonight he came home with me to hang out for awhile. He’s never been here to visit, so it was really fun to get to show him around a little. My heart kind of melted watching him play with the puppies tonight. He’s a pretty great guy and I’m so glad he’s my brother. 🙂

Jean 117/365

They’re here! My parents moved today and official have the keys to their house. My mom left before my dad (and my brother, driving the truck) so we had a few hours at the house before the boys arrived with everything. SO glad that part of the move is done and am looking forward to helping them get settled. Tomorrow we move everything in!

Jean 116/365

I’ve gotten a couple of boxes from the clothing service Stitch Fix, and I’m kind of hooked. This is a stretch for me–super fitted pants and a shirt I’d never pick out on my own… But I decided to give it a shot. I had Clint taking photos so I could send them to friends and figured I’d share this one since the look on my face is pretty typical of how I look when I’m trying things on that I’m not so sure about…

Jean 114/365

Hard to tell, so you’ll just have to trust me that that’s the American Ninja Warrior finals course set up in Las Vegas. We’re here for the weekend and have a really fun view of the course from our room!