Jean 101/365

Finally feeling a bit better, so I spent some time cleaning up after work tonight. Kriste colored a picture for me to put on the fridge, and I finally got it hung up. Somehow she didn’t want to hang it in her house with her kids around… Hmmm.

Jean 100/365

Cheat, again (still home sick). This was from our first full day at camp. We had free time to choose our own activities, and my little group started with archery. More fun than I expected! There were balloons on the targets for us to aim at, and I managed to hit one in about 12 arrows (the first five didn’t even hit the hay bales that the targets were attached to, but that’s another story).

Jean 99/365

Cheat. I gave in to the cold and am staying home today. This is obviously from toga night at camp… This is all but one member of the crew from our cabin (she was kind of strange and stand-offish and didn’t get involved in much of anything). Quite a group, and quite a night.

Jean 98/365

And… BOOM. Reality hits. Back to work this morning (despite my ever-worsening cold–just can’t afford to be gone another day). I did sleep in a little bit, and this one made sure I knew when she was done being patient waiting for her breakfast.

Jean 97/365

The trip home is always bittersweet and confusing for me. I miss Clint and the mutts and am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. But it’s SO hard to say goodbye to people I love so much, and it’s SO hard to leave such amazing times and places behind. There’s no photo to represent that… So, instead, I happened to wake up and look out my window on the flight home just as we were flying over the Grand Canyon. Pretty cool.

Jean 96/365

One step closer to reality again today. We said goodbye to our camp friends then rushed back home to get ready for Olivia’s dance recital. I’m SO glad I got to be there to see her dance in person. Had a nice dinner with the family afterwards, too. I’m coming down with a cold, so for as much as I wanted to stay up all night and talk to Kriste, I just couldn’t do it. Olivia read us both a bedtime story, then she gave me lots of hugs and kisses and nose scratches before telling me that saying goodbye made her feel like she wanted to cry. Me too, kiddo. Me too.

Jean 95/365

Already the last full day of camp! This photo is me, Kriste, and our three new best friends. The five of us just clicked immediately–no doubt that they were our people, our tribe. We’re talking about doing camp again next summer, but doing OUR version of it (i.e. in Florida, with a pool, AC, wifi, etc. and NO expectation to sleep with wolf spiders or mice!) Seriously feels like a blessing to have crossed paths with these women, and I sincerely hope we keep in touch and see each other again!