Jean 214/365

The new diet adventure continues: today I made my own mayo that I then used to turn into salad dressing. It even turned out to be edible, I think! This takes a lot of time and a lot of work, but so far, I’m surviving!


Jean 213/365

Today Stephen presented his puppet workshop to groups of high school students who are on campus for a statewide Shakespeare competition. It was SO fun to watch him share something he’s so passionate about with a group of students who were eager to learn and laugh.

Jean 212/365

Two photos of the dashboard in my new car–the top one is there just for reference as to why I’m ridiculous. The top one is how it usually looks. The bottom one is how it looked today when it gave me a warning about low tire pressure. I actually thought to myself, "How am I supposed to know how fast I’m going if that warning doesn’t go away when I start driving?" Apparently I got used to a digital speedometer WAY more quickly than I’d like to admit.

Jean 210/365

TERRIBLE insomnia last night. I did some research, and it sounds like I might not be eating enough despite not being hungry–and that I’m definitely not eating enough starch. So, this morning I added this to my breakfast: a roasted then toasted slice of sweet potato with almond butter and coconut. I was stunned at how delicious it was!

Jean 209/365

So, this is not my dog. Didn’t feel good this morning, so I decided to stay home. We have landscapers working in our back yard, and thankfully Clint mentioned that the one guy brought his dog with him last week. Otherwise, I would have been REALLY concerned when I saw a fluffy tail that clearly did not belong to one of MY dogs come through the dog door. This is Buddy, and he made himself at home! (really sweet dog so I didn’t mind at all).