Jean 262/365

Friends who go out of their way to make me smile (and who know the exact things that will make my day) are SUCH a blessing.


Jean 260/365

What a day! It was freshman registration day today, and that meant I was on campus for more then 12 hours. I’m grateful that I work with great students who were patient as we tried to trouble-shoot, and I’m grateful that the team of student mentors are work with are beyond amazing. They helped SO many students today–and they provided comedic relief throughout the day. It was a great day helping students, AND we knocked our registration goals out of the park.

Jean 258/365

Cheat. With all this crazy diet change I’ve gone through, I’m SO grateful that Clint is a great chef, that he likes to cook, and that he’s been willing to completely dive in and take on the challenges that come along with eating this way.

Jean 257/365

Charley picked up kennel cough in the last week despite being vaccinated for it. Clint was able to get her to the vet yesterday–and I’m grateful to know that my sweet girl will be feeling better soon.