Jon 43/365

Last night I had some mild tooth pain. Now you guys probably don’t know this about me, but I’ve had incredibly bad dental hygiene habits since childhood. I’m sure a therapist would say it was my adolescent brains way of holding on to something I could control. I’m an adult now, and have improved my habits, but the damage is already done, and dental work is insanely expensive.

Found a place that said it was open till 8PM we got there at 7:30PM and nobody was home. To this place I say a big fat FUCK YOU right in the dickhole. Twice.

Ended up in the emergency room. Left with my tooth still hurting but I had a prescription for Oxy so at least I was able to sleep.


Jon 42/365

I actually avoided most of the spoilers. Couldn’t make it while in theaters. It was pretty darn good.

Jon 40/365

I’ve actually been finding it difficult to find the time to sit and eat 3 meals a day. This is my breakfast. Two eggs red pepper and onion.

Jon 39/365


Turns out I have zero photos from today so this is from day 34. Saw this archway while walking with The misses.

"The world is always turning toward the morning"

I didn’t know what this was from when I saw it, so in preparation for this email I asked my good friend Google, and it turns out it’s a line from a song by Gordon Bok called Turning Toward the Morning. It was released in 1975. The song was inspired by Gordon’s friend Joanie who wrote him a letter telling him about the hard year she was going through. He wanted to let her know it gets better. I wonder how Joanie is doing now, I hope 1976 was a better year for her.