ROBIN 98/365

Trying to unwind from a day that has me as tightly wound up as these spirals. Today’s ICAD creation.


ROBIN 97/365

This is my sanctuary. There are no phone calls here. No emails. No one standing in front of me with yet another problem that needs to be fixed or just one more thing to stack on my already too full plate. There’s just me and the storm clouds and the peace and the quiet.

ROBIN 95/365

Cheat photo. Just because. "It hurts when we lose people, because we think the love is gone. But the truth is that we are the love. We are those people whom we have lost. They are us."

ROBIN 93/365

Happy Friday! I am definitely driving the bus to hell. One of my most annoying co-workers retired yesterday. The office nickname for her was Skeletor and her hair really did look like this. This is just a quick attempt. I have plans to improve on it.

ROBIN 92/365

There is a wall in our break room with all of our birthdays posted these owls. I had to bling mine up because I’m like a child. I think the eyelashes complete the look though.