ROBIN 227/365

New bench from IKEA that fits perfectly as a plant stand. It replaced a 35+ year old shelf unit that I bought when I was first out of college. Very pleased with it’s simple look.


ROBIN 226/365

Not a great photo but it represents a great dinner out with friends. Good food and good conversation. Nice way to end the week.

ROBIN 223/365

The knife on the right is my favorite knife in the whole world. I use it for everything except carving big pieces of meat. I don’t know how old it is. It was my mother’s. She died in 1995 and I remember the knife way before that. It is well-loved and well-worn. I never thought I would find another one like it. A random post about knives in a FB group led me to RADA cutlery and look what I found!!! They were just a little less than $5 each on Amazon. Score! Now to break them in and smooth down those handles.

ROBIN 221/365

"Healing is a windy road home. Other people’s maps won’t take us home to our heart. We find guides and friends, dead ends and bridges but we must pave our own roads." (The Grief Practice)