Jean 165/365

This was my job today. We got an umbrella to hide from the sun and spent our time bouncing between our chairs, the wave pool, and the lazy river. I needed some relaxation time move than I realized.

Jean 164/365

Clint wanted to do a quick getaway before school starts, so we’re in Vegas for the weekend. I’ve been sitting here for a couple hours since we arrived, and I don’t think I’m going to move. The view is great, the company is even better, and I don’t have a damn place in the world I have to be right now.

Clint 163/365

Our doggie boarding and day care place (often referred to by Jean and I as “The Resort”) won our local business of the month! They have saved our lives more than once, so I feel it’s well deserved.

Jean 162/365

After two days out of the office, I spent today in kick-off meetings. Like, ALL day. This morning my VP put this slide up on the screen and encouraged us to do what we need in order to try to maintain balance in our life. It’s good in theory, but laughable in reality (given, for example, that Sat.-Tues. I worked more than 40 hours).

Clint 162/365

After my training today (which I worked through lunch until about 3 pm), I headed to a great local Car Hop/Drive-In. They have the best sweet potato fries, and the Reuben hit the spot today. No marshmallow dipping sauce for the fries today though, just good ‘ol Utah Fry Sauce!

Jean 161/365

Day two of the retreat is done and I can finally get some rest. It was a TON of work to put together, and it didn’t all go quite like I hoped. BUT, in general, I’m pleased with the progress we made and think we’re in a good place for getting ready to start the school year. This is my full team at Zion. They make me crazy some days, but they’re full of heart and great at what they do–and I wouldn’t trade them even on the bad days. 🙂