ROBIN 338/365

One is the loneliest number. Another craptastic day. Walked out of the office at 6:30pm. That’s almost a 12 hour day.


ROBIN 337/365

Today was a craptastic day from beginning to end. Worked until almost 6pm. The only good thing about that is that I got to experience the creeper birds that come in every night to roost in the trees around our building. They come by the hundreds. It is straight out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. It was freezing cold and I stayed outside taking pictures until I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore. Can’t wait to repeat this experience when the weather is warmer.

ROBIN 334/365

And on Sundays at the end of the day when the silence and the emptiness overwhelm you and the ache of missing gets to be too much too bear there’s always Target to the rescue….except when Target is deserted too.

ROBIN 333/365

Joe’s been gone from this earth for over three years and weekends are still tough for me. Some are better than others – especially if it’s nice weather and I can get outside or I’m busy but that doesn’t always happen. Especially in the winter. This winter has been particularly difficult for me. So, this is what 5:30pm looks like on a gloomy Saturday when you are missing someone you loved and you can’t motivate yourself to get up off the couch and turn on the lights. Sometimes I wonder if I’m depressed but then I realize it’s just grief and I am still trying to find my way through it and make a new life.

I debated whether to post this or not as we don’t always show the dark sides of our lives and I don’t want to make it seem like I’m begging for sympathy but this is reality sometimes.